Baby Sign Language Class

At Speech Quest JCNY parents enjoy a fun and interactive baby sign language class led by Speech Pathologists certified in baby sign language.


Why Baby Sign Language? Learning baby sign language with your little one allows your child the opportunity to communicate earlier. When your baby can communicate at an early age, it cuts down on frustration and enhances the meaningful interaction between you and your baby. For more answers to common questions about the benefits of baby sign language, check out our blog The Low Down: Baby Sign Language

Schedule: Classes are currently offered on Sundays at 11:00am. Each course runs for 6 weeks. 

*We recommend signing up for the 6 week course, however we will allow parents to sign up for one class at a time depending on availability. 

Course Description: Each class is 1 hour long. During that hour, parents and babies will learn a specific category of signs (animal names, food, etc.) as well as learn signs for kid's songs and review the previous week's signs. The final 10 minutes of class are reserved for what we call Talk for 10. This is a time for parents to discuss with each other and the instructor any trials or triumphs they've had with baby sign language, or with parenting in general! Each parent will receive a a full color booklet with descriptions of signs and a music CD. Parents will learn signs for bedtime, bath time and play time as well as games to play to reinforce signs at home!

Pricing: The 6 week course is $240. Drop in classes are $50 per class.

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